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Ethiopia Control of Bovine Tuberculosis Strategies (ETHICOBOTS) is a 5-year research project awarded to a consortium of researchers in Ethiopia and the UK, consisting of epidemiologists, geneticists, immunologists, and social scientists. The aim of the ETHICOBOTS is to tackle the high burden of bovine TB in the Ethiopian dairy farm sector and to investigate the consequences of the on-going centrifugal trade of potentially infected dairy cattle to low prevalence regions and farming systems on transmission. The project is funded under Zoonoses & Emerging Livestock Systems (ZELS) programme, a research initiative in the UK, which is jointly funded by six research bodies (BBSRC, Dstl, DfID, ESRC, MRC and NERC). There are currently 8 institutionsparticipating in ETHICOBOTS, including 4 Ethiopian research institutions, all led by the University of Cambridge.



ETHICBOTS Control of Bovine TB Project Coordinator Dr Stefan Berg herding the team for a group photo during our August 2015 AGM