Papers published from the Ethicobots project in refereed journals

Power, participation and their problems: A consideration of power dynamics in the use of participatory epidemiology for one health and zoonoses research; Ebata et al 2020

Brucellosis in ruminants and pastoralists in Borena, Southern Ethiopia; Edao BM, Ameni G, Assefa Z, Berg S, Whatmore AM, Wood JLN. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2020 Jul 24;14(7):e0008461.
doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0008461

Brucellosis in the Addis Ababa dairy cattle: the myths and the realities; Edao BM, Hailegebreal G, Berg S, Zewude A, Zeleke Y, Sori T, Almaw G, Whatmore AM, Ameni G, Wood JLN. BMC Vet Res. 2018 Dec 14;14(1):396.
doi: 10.1186/s12917-018-1709-4

Factors associated with localization of tuberculosis disease among patients in a high burden country: A health facility-based comparative study in Ethiopia (2021) Journal of Clinical Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases; Hawult Taye, Kassahun Alemu, Adane Mihret, James L.N.Wood, Ziv Shkedy, Stefan Berg, Abraham Aseffa and the ETHICOBOTS consortium

Drug Resistance Conferring Mutation and Genetic Diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates in Tuberculosis Lymphadenitis Patients; Ethiopia (2021) Infection and drug resistance, Sosina Ayalew, Teklu Wegayehu, Hawult Taye, Liya Wassie, Selfu Girma, Stefan Berg, and Adane Mihret

Population structure and transmission of Mycobacterium bovis in Ethiopia (2021); Microbial Genomics; Mekonnen G, Mihret A, Aseffa A, Taye H, Conlan A, Gumi B, Zewude A, Aliy A, Tamiru M, Olani A, Lakew M, Sombo M, Gebre S, Diguimbaye C, Hilty M, Fané A, Müller B, Hewinson R, Ellis R, Nunez-Garcia J, Palkopoulou E, , Abebe T, Ameni G, Parkhill J, Wood J, Berg S, van Tonder A

Dynamics and risk of transmission of bovine tuberculosis in the emerging dairy regions of Ethiopia (2021) Epidemiology and infection;
Mekonnen G, Conlan AJK, Berg S, Ayele BT, Mihret A, Olani A, Asgedom H, ETHICOBOTS consortium , Wood JLN, Ameni G

Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and its associated risk factors in the emerging dairy belts of regional cities in Ethiopia (2019) Preventive veterinary medicine; Mekonnen GA, Conlan AJK, Berg S, Ayele BT, Alemu A, Guta S, Lakew M, Tadesse B, Gebre S, Wood JLN, Ameni G, ETHICOBOTS consortium

Ethiopian Dairy and Animal Health Policy Sector: A Stakeholders’ Network Analysis (2019) Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences; Teklewold T, Bekele A, Moore H, Berg

Genotype Diversity of and Pathology of Bovine Tuberculosis in Selected Emerging Dairy Regions of Ethiopia (2021) Frontiers Epidemiology and Infection
Mekonnen G, Mihret A, Tamiru M, Hailu E, Olani A, Aliy A, Sombo M, Lakew M, Gumi B, Ameni G, Wood JLN, Berg S

A case of early neonate bovine tuberculosis in Ethiopia (2020) Clinical Case Reports
Mekonnen G, Gumi B, Berg S, Conlan A, Ameni G, Wood J

Acceptability and feasibility of proposed control and prevention strategies for bovine tuberculosis among Ethiopian dairy farmers and associated professionals
Hodge C, Teklewold T, Mulualem D, Endalewb A, Moore H and the ETHICOBOTS consortium (2020) Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Strategies for animal disease control in Ethiopia: A review of policies, regulations and actors English (2018) Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health
Adam B, Dawit A, Tilaye T, Henrietta L, Catherine H, Stefan B

Ethiopian Dairy and Animal Health Policy Sector: A Stakeholders’ Network Analysis (2019) Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Teklewold T, Bekele A, Moore H, Berg S

Socio-economic aspects related to feeding resources and practices in selected intensive dairy farms in Central Ethiopia English (2019) African Journal of Agricultural ResearchGebredufe, S, Gemete, G, Mihret, A, Waelti, P, Tschopp, R